To Feel or Not To Feel

The Desire To 

Today can’t be the same as yesterday. We see differently today and yesterday wasn’t the same. For every thought we have, for every smile we make, for every laugh we share. There will always be different things we see. Our will as human beings is to see what the world has to offer. But we may have forgotten to FEEL.

Feel the day, feel the sun on our face and feel the air giving us life. We all desire our lives to feel better, to feel warm and comfortable. Yet, we complain about little things that can be changed or seem insignificant later.

I sometimes have the problem of wanting things straight away and feel them, rather than wait for truer feelings. These will make us even happier rather than feel happy for a short time. We tend to want a lot but yet forget to really feeel , so the desire is not for feeling but needing. This is something to make us think about. Do we need a lot of things that we want? And have we forgotten to really feel everything and appreciate it…

Written by l.a.e.


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