Searching for..

It may be that you are searching different things in your life. Yet, most of us search for one simple element in this journey. An element called ‘happiness’ it may elude most of us but we still search and go through pain for it.

I believe everyone is happy but we have a lot of desires and wants. They drive our hunger to be happier.

BUT I sometimes think being happy with yourself and those around you..should be enough..right?

However, we are driven by our ‘desire’ to have more. Which I know hunts us all. I am trying to be more content with what I have and forget that I want more. The rest I know will come when I am ready.

So be happy with what you have and know what we deserve¬†will come. Worn hard, aim high and be a positive influence in other people’s lives.

Written by l.a.e.


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